Are you looking for a place to sell your ebooks online? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

You can create your ebook with a free graphic design tool like Canva and then easily sell it as a digital product on the website we’ll highlight in this post.

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In this post, we will show you the top places where you can sell your ebooks after you have created them, and then we will show you how to promote your ebook to get people to buy it.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What is an eBook?

An ebook is a book produced that is available as a digital product in the form of text, images, or both that can be downloaded and read online on computers or other electronic devices.

An ebook is an abbreviation for electronic books, and they are usually accessible in different kinds of file formats, including EPUB (the most commonly used format), PDF (best for documents), and others.

Ebooks are different from physical printed books in that they can only be read online or downloaded to a computer device and read with ebook reader software and applications.

Top 5 Places to Sell And Promote Your eBooks Online

1. Sellfy


Sellfy is an e-commerce store where you can sell your ebooks. They will create a store for you where you can list all of your ebooks and start selling them to a wide range of people.

Even if you already have a website or blog, Sellfy allows you to embed a “buy now” button on your site by simply copying and pasting a line of code into your site editor.

And when someone clicks on the button to buy the ebook, an iframe with a checkout will display, allowing them to purchase your ebook products without having to leave your site.

Sellfy allows you to sell more than only ebooks. You can sell courses, online memberships, audiobooks, templates, subscriptions, software, and other digital download products.

The only drawback of using Sellfy to sell your ebooks is that it is not free. You need to pay to use the platform in order to create a store for your products, but they do offer a 14-day free trial for testing.

What are the benefits of using Sellfy in selling your ebooks?

  • You can create a store specifically for your ebooks. This is useful if you don’t know how to create a landing page for your ebook.
  • You can embed a buy now button on your website or blog so that your visitors can purchase your ebook without leaving your site.
  • You can easily connect your own custom domain to your site to replace the default sub-domain offered by them.
  • Your customers can buy your ebook using a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe.

What is the disadvantage of using Sellfy in selling your ebooks?

Selling products on Sellfy is not free, therefore if you are looking for a free platform to sell your ebook, Sellfy may not be the best option for you.

Even though they offer a 14-day free trial to try their platform, it may not be the best choice because their pricing plan is expensive in comparison to other platforms.

How much does Sellfy charge you for using their platform?

Sellfy has 3 main pricing plans which are:

  1. Starter (they charge $19/month for their two-year annual plan, which allows you to connect your own domain to your store).
  2. Business (if you sign up for their two-year annual plan, you can remove the “Sellfy” branding from your business for $49 per month).
  3. Premium (they charge $99/month for their two-year annual plan, which includes access to all of their features).

2. Gumroad


Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your ebooks and products straight to their audience online. You can submit your ebook for publication in their marketplace.

They have a large audience that visits their platforms to search for digital products to buy including ebooks, novels, design templates, music, movies, software, etc.

Gumroad also allows you to let your customers pay what they want or choose between one-time, recurring, or fixed-length payments in your currency of choice when buying your products.

What are the benefits of using Gumroad in selling your ebooks?

  • They create a sales page for you that you can use to promote the product and allow anyone to buy your ebook instantly.
  • Customers can pay for your product with major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.
  • You can sell multiple versions of your ebook, allowing customers to choose between EPUB, PDF, and Mobi formats.
  • You can first provide your ebook for free to allow users to pay for what they want, even if your product is free. This way, you can give value while also growing your audience.
  • They have an analytics feature built in that allows you to track your sales performance, including the traffic source for each sale.

What is the disadvantage of using Gumroad in selling your ebooks?

One of the main disadvantages of using Gumroad is the fees they charge for each transaction. They take up to 8.5% plus 30 cents per sale generated by your ebook.

How much does Gumroad charge you for using their platform?

Gumroad does not have a detailed pricing plan, but they charge 8.5% plus 30 cents for each sale made on your free account. When you subscribe to their premium plan, you will be charged a monthly price of $10 and 3.5% plus 30 cents for each sale.

3. Selar


Selar is another e-commerce platform that allows you to sell any digital product or service, including ebooks. They create a nice-looking sales page where you can list all of your products.

At any point, if you are tired of promoting your ebook by yourself, you can use affiliate marketing and join their program. They have an active affiliate program that you can join and add your products for promotion.

In this way, anyone can sign up to promote your products, which can be either ebooks or video courses, and you can choose a commission rate that you will pay them. On the Selar free plan, you can have up to 100 affiliates promoting your ebook.

Selar is owned by a Nigerian, hence it is not currently open to all countries. This means that if you are from another country, you cannot sign up for Selar and sell your ebook on the platform.

What are the benefits of using Selar in selling your ebooks?

  • You can use the Selar affiliate marketing system to quickly promote your ebook and increase sales.
  • You can sell your ebook to anyone in the world using their preferred mode of payment.
  • You can set your ebook to be read online, which prevents the customer from downloading or selling the ebook to another person.
  • You can set your payment method to Visa Card or Master Card and your currency to Nigerian Naira, allowing Nigerians to pay you without having to deal with international card issues.
  • If you prefer to earn in dollars, you can change your payment currency to USD.

What is the disadvantage of using Selar in selling your ebooks?

Because Selar is not yet available internationally, you cannot use it to sell your ebooks if you live outside of Nigeria. They are also available in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and other African countries.

How much does Selar charge you for using their platform?

Selar has 3 main pricing plans which are:

  1. Starter (it is a free forever account, which allows you to sell up to 40 products whether physical or digital product).
  2. Pro (they charge ₦80,000 for their yearly plan, which allows you to sell unlimited products).
  3. Turbo (they charge ₦150,000 for their yearly plan, which includes access to all of their features).

4. Payhip


Payhip is an all-in-one platform for selling digital download products including ebooks, templates, design assets, online courses, coaching, subscriptions, and many more.

Payhip also has an affiliate system where you can pay others to promote your ebook to their audience, as well as coupons to run promotional campaigns to attract more sales.

You can protect your Payhip products by using the PDF stamping feature. This way, if your product files are shared online, you’ll be able to discover who did it. Every page of your ebook PDF files will have the date of purchase stamped on the top left.

What are the benefits of using Payhip in selling your ebooks?

  • Your customers can immediately download your product after making a payment, and it will also be emailed to them.
  • You can limit the number of times your customers can download your ebook.
  • You customize every aspect of your checkout to match your style, including your brand colors and make customers feel at ease.
  • Customers can pay with PayPal, Stripe, Master Card, or Visa Card.
  • You stay in touch with your customers by sending them email updates about new products and special deals.
  • For a seamless purchase and download, you can connect the checkout and cart straight to your website.

How much does Payhip charge you for using their platform?

Payhip has 3 main pricing plans which are:

  1. Free (it is a free account for life that allows you access to all of their features for a 5% transaction fee).
  2. Plus (they charge $29 monthly and allow you to sell an unlimited number of products for a 2% transaction fee).
  3. Pro (they charge $99 monthly and allow you to sell an unlimited number of products with no transaction fees).

5. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the best place to sell your ebook to a wide range of audiences all over the world. Amazon has a large audience that can buy your ebook if the content inside is good.

If you are looking for a free platform to sell and promote your ebook, you should try Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). All of your ebooks will be published on Amazon’s e-commerce store.

To get started with selling, you must first create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account, which you can do by clicking here. After that, you can upload your eBooks, paperbacks, or hardcovers.

What are the benefits of using Amazon KDP in selling your ebooks?

  • Because Amazon is a popular e-commerce platform globally, your ebook will reach a wide range of audience.
  • Your ebook can be printed and distributed to those who buy it without you having to do any of the work.
  • You can make up to 70% on sales to customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and other countries.
  • Amazon KDP is free to start, however, as a newbie, you might find the setup process challenging.

What is the disadvantage of using Amazon KDP in selling your ebooks?

Amazon takes 35% to 70% of your sales, and your account can be suspended or banned at any time if you violate their policies.

How much does Amazon KDP charge you for using their platform?

Amazon does not charge a fee to publish your eBook using its Kindle publishing platform. It is free to use and set up, however, they do charge a percentage of each book sold, with two royalty options of 35% and 70%.

How To Promote Your eBooks Online To Get Sales Fast

Now that you must have created and published your ebook on one of the platforms listed above, it’s time to promote it so that people will buy it.

There is no way you will be getting sales when you don’t promote your ebook, therefore do everything you can to promote it using the strategies listed below.

1. Use Social Media

Use Social Media To Promote Your eBooks

Social media is a great tool you can use to promote your ebook for free. There are many active people on social media who will buy your products if you can promote them effectively.

So, the question is how are you going to go about it? You are on Facebook right the world’s largest social media network? Create a Facebook page for your brand or even a Facebook group.

Then look for ways to increase your followers. You can invite your existing Facebook friends to like your Facebook page and then continue to post content on your page to build trust from your followers.

Only then can you start telling them about your ebook, what it contains, and how it can solve their problems? In this way, you will start getting sales from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You can do the same thing on Twitter. Create a professional Twitter page for your ebook and start creating content before pushing your paid ebook to your followers.

2. Use YouTube Channel

Use YouTube Channel To Promote Your eBooks

In addition to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can also use YouTube channels to promote your ebooks for free.

Create a YouTube channel and educate people about your ebook and provide value before telling them about your paid ebook. Only after they have gained your trust will they be able to purchase from you.

Include a link to your ebook landing page that you will get from one of the platforms we explained earlier that will allow you to sell your ebook in the description of your YouTube video so that people can easily find it and buy it.

3. Use Your Blog

Use Your Blog To Promote Your eBooks

Inside your blog is another effective technique to promote your ebook because visitors who come from search engines like Google will easily see your ebook and might even buy it.

If you don’t already have a blog, start one today. You can read this article to learn how to start a blog from scratch, which covers all of the steps that you’ll need to do when starting your blog.

You can include your ebook within your blog post so that readers can find it when they visit the blog post. You can also put the ebook on your homepage because that is where people will go when they reach your website via search engines.

4. Use Paid Ads

Use Paid Ads To Promote Your eBooks

If you want to get sales quickly, try paid advertising with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, or Quora Ads and discover which works best for you.

As a beginner, we highly recommend you start out with both Facebook and Google ads. You can easily run Facebook and Google ads. You only need to create good copy for the ads and create a good image to attract people’s attention.

You can use Canva to create a visually appealing Facebook ad image to advertise your ebook. You can also use AI Content Writer Tools like ChatGPT and Writesonic to generate an appealing Facebook ad copy to use.


To get sales fast from selling your ebooks, you need to promote and continue to promote your ebook before you can eventually start getting sales.

Take a look at those platforms and select the one that best meets your needs, and then create an account, publish your ebook, and try one of the methods to promote the ebook to generate sales.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you liked it, please share it on social media with others, especially those having problems selling their ebooks, and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

» First write and edit your ebook.
» Then write the ebook description.
» Create a good-looking book cover.
» Format your eBook as PDF, EPUB, or Kindle.
» Then choose your ebook publishing platforms.
» Set your ebook price and payment method.
» Create your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account (that’s if you choose Amazon as your ebook publishing platform)
» Upload your ebook file.
» Promote the ebook and finally get sales.

The amount you can sell your ebook for usually depends on the niche you wrote it in. For example, if it is in the SEO or fitness niche, you can sell it for $15 to $45 because it is less expensive than a normal video course.

Not only that, but it will also depend on the worth of the ebook and how well you have written it. If you put in a lot of effort and answer practically all of the problems in the niche on the ebook, you can charge more than $45 to $65 for it.

How long you want your ebook to be before selling it will depend on the content you wrote inside and how valuable it has. Some ebooks have 50 to 100 pages and even more than that.


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