Do you want to know the difference between a blog and a vlog? Then you are in the right article. In this article, we’ll look at the main differences between these two types of content marketing (blogging and vlogging).

Think of a blog as an online diary where you write articles. It’s similar to creating a document that people can read and learn from.

On the other hand, vlogs are all about videos! Instead of writing, you record yourself on camera, like a teacher explaining things to students.  This way, you can show and tell instead of just telling.

If you are still not sure of their differences, then let’s dive in with the article. Let’s look at Blogging VS Vlogging, which one among them should you start?

Difference Between a Blog and a Vlog

What is a Blog?

A blog is a short version of a “weblog“. It is an online platform where you can publish regular entries, often presented in a chronological format. These entries are known as posts or articles and can cover a wide range of topics ranging from personal experiences to business experiences.

On a blog, posts or articles can be written by a single person or a small group of people and can cover a variety of subjects. It can be written about anything the author chooses, and it’s usually meant to be educational, entertaining, or a combination of both.

A person who owns or manages a blog is known as a “Blogger“. They’re like the boss of their own online space! They write articles, publish them on the blog’s website, and try to get as many people to read them as possible. This promotion might involve sharing the blog posts on social media or other websites.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a short version of a “video blog“. It is an online platform where you publish video content instead of posts or articles. Vlogs are quite different from blogs, however, they interpret the same messages but in different forms. (Blog in a written form and Vlog in a video form).

On a vlog, you can document your life experiences, share tutorials, offer product reviews, or discuss various topics through a series of video recordings. Imagine you’re chatting with a friend about something you’re passionate about. That’s the kind of vibe you want to capture when recording yourself for a vlog. Speak naturally, like you would in a real-life conversation.

A person who owns or manages a vlog is known as a “Vlogger“. Just like a blogger runs a blog, a vlogger is the person behind a vlog. They’re busy filming themselves talking about interesting things, editing the videos to perfection, and then uploading them to a vlogging platform.

They also try to spread the word about their vlog, like sharing it on social media, to get more people to watch and enjoy their content. This shows that blogging and vlogging are somehow related and worth trying.

Why Start a Blog or Vlog?

Now that you know what a blog and vlog are, you might still be asking why you should start a blog instead of a vlog or a vlog instead of a blog.

The answer is self-explanatory. Do you know why I said so? If you look at the difference between a blog and a vlog, you will see that they both have something in common.

To start a blog, you will need to first know how to write very well. Yes very well because blogging is all about writing articles. There are lots of articles already published on the internet before yours, so if you are to start a blog now and publish yours, you will need to:

Have a Writing Skill

If you don’t know how to write, don’t bother creating a blog. Even though there are now different AI Content Writing tools on the internet that can generate an entire in a second, you can’t still stand out from the competition. To be a blogger, you will need to learn how to research and paraphrase already written content into a new one.

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There are already thousands of articles published on the internet about the topic you want to write about. Then instead of writing from scratch, you can research those articles and see what the person wrote and get an overview of how you will write yours.

Don’t just copy and paste the content on your blog and say you have written an article because if you do so, you will be caught through paraglazim and get penalties from search engines like Google for copying because the article is not yours.

Find a Unique Niche

You need to find a unique niche you are good in, don’t try to compete with everything that’s already out there. Choose a specific topic or area of interest that you’re passionate about and that has a dedicated audience but isn’t oversaturated with blogs.

In case you are new to the word “niche” in blogging, a niche is a topic or subject you will write and publish posts about on your blog.

There are other things to know if you want to start a blog. These include focusing on high-quality content, optimizing the content for search engines using SEO methods, being consistent, promoting your blog, and many more.

To know more, see our guide on how to start a blog. The guide covered almost all the steps you need to start a successful blog.

When it comes to a vlog it is somehow easy and more difficult than blogging because on a vlog, you need to first gather ideas of what you will talk about on the video recording.

Viewers will be seeing your face and if you are a shy person then vlogging is not the right choice for you instead go for blogging where you will write articles anonymously and no one will see your face.

Let’s look at how you can start a blog and a vlog.

How to Start a Blog

To start a blog, you will need to create a website because it is on the website that you will publish the article. To create a website you will need the following things:

  • Domain Name: The domain name is the name of your website. E.g The domain name can be your personal name, business name, or whatever name. The decision is yours.
  • Web Hosting: Web hosting is an online server that you will buy to allow your domain name accessible on the internet. If web hosting is not connected to your domain name, it won’t be accessible.
  • Website Builder: The website builder is the platform in charge of building your website and publishing the article.

Both the domain name, web hosting, and website builder go together to form a blog. They are not free to get, you need to purchase them to start using them.

A domain name usually costs around $1.17 monthly while, a web hosting costs around $2.99 monthly. Some website builders like WordPress are free to use, provided that you have the domain and hosting ready.

You can purchase the hosting for a hosting service provider and get a free one year domain. This means if you buy a hosting plan, the hosting provider will give you a free domain name registration for one year to try their hosting service.

Once the one year expires, you can renew the domain to continue using it or leave it. The hosting provider I recommend when it comes to registering a web hosting and get a free domain name is Hostinger Hosting.

Hostinger is a hosting service provider. They have an affordable hosting plan including shared hosting, premium hosting, and many more. If you go for the shared hosting plan, you won’t get a free domain but when you go for the premium hosting plan, you get the free domain.

What most bloggers does is that they buy their hosting and domain from different provides. This way they have full control. When you buy hosting and domain from one provider, you start getting downtime, etc.

I recommend buying your domain name from Namecheap and web hosting from Hostinger. The reason is because Namecheap focuses on domain and Hostinger focuses on web hosting.

If you want to start your blog don’t panic, get a copy of our ebook guide on how to start a blog. (More secrets about blogging are revealed on the ebook).

How to Start a Vlog

To start a vlog, you don’t need to create a website just like what you do in blogging because there are lots of vlogging platforms that you can post your videos on and even get paid in return.

Most of the vlogging platform includes YouTube and TikTok.  Just get your camera and start recording yourself and edit it then post on those platforms.

Just like in blogging where you need a writing skills, You will need a good communication skills to stand out in a vlog, because you will be speaking to your audience.

On blogging, you write. ✍️
On Vlogging, you speak. 🗣️

If you are good at writing, you should go for blogging so that you can showcase and improve your writing skills.

If you are good at communicating, go for vlogging and get a good camera and video editing software and you are good to go.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you liked it, please share it on social media with others and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

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The main difference between a blog and a vlog is that a blog and a vlog vary mostly in the format of their content. A vlog contains video content, while a blog only contains the written text.

Yes, a blog and a vlog can both cover the same topics. A blog’s or vlog’s topic can be whatever the author chooses to write about or discuss.

In combination with starting a blog, starting a blog usually requires less technical skills. You must be able to write and publish content online in order to start a blog. In addition to writing and publishing your content, you’ll need to be able to record, edit, and publish your videos if you want to start a vlog.

Yes, you can make a profit from a blog or video blog. Some bloggers and vloggers are able to make money off of their content by offering services, accepting sponsorships, or running advertisements.


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